Empowerment. Coaching . Wendo. Re-education in Langenfeld.

Powerful through everyday life
in your strength

My courses and coaching aim to strengthen your center, mentally as well as physically. Your center is your powerhouse, your life force, your chi. When your center is in balance, you come into your own power, can exploit your full potential and do what you actually want to do.

Making decisions becomes easier, emotional outbursts become less, relaxed moments become more. You become more relaxed, feel stronger, and rejoice in the little things in life.

You are the queen/king in your castle.

My offers

Empowerment for women

We train to protect ourselves in order to be able to act in confrontations and harassment situations.

Fitness for moms

After childbirth we build up the pelvic floor and get fit again

Strong kids

Children learn to assert themselves in everyday conflicts and to prevent bullying and sexual abuse.

Holistic healing

Homeopathy and energy healing make it possible to gently bring people to their center.

About me

Start your self-determination with Schirin Salem

I am German-Egyptian, a mom and work as an empowerment coach, pre- & postnatal health trainer, WenDo instructor, homeopath and energy healer. 

  • In my empowerment courses (German, English, Arabic) I love to bring participants into their power and find practical solutions for cross-border situations.
  • Homeopathy and energy healing make it possible, with a gentle push, to bring the person to his center.
  • During my fitness classes, I particularly enjoy helping moms to participate in the sporting life and thus to lead them into their strength.

Insights into my work

Strong Kids Course
DRK movement kindergarten, Herten

25 Women Empowerment Events “IGMADI” to the
Sexual assault prevention

Fitness for moms, back formation, Langenfeld

Empowerment course for women and girls,
Kirchenkreis Wesel

Training WenDo Empowerment Trainers, Cairo, Egypt 2018

Strong Kids Course
KiTa family center Conzeallee, Haltern

Holistic healing of depression and autoimmune disease El Gouna 2019

Holistic healing
Allergies, El Gouna

Strong Kids Course in daycare center “MyDagis”, Cologne

Fitness for moms,
Outdoor backbirth course

What my customers say