Strong Kids
Empowerment training for children


The challenge

Children often don’t know how to defend themselves against other children who tease, bully or are violent. They feel powerless in the face of overbearing adults and authority figures. Children often think they have neither the right nor the strength to stand up for themselves and set boundaries.

Many children have new tasks, especially when they start school:

  • have to assert themselves alone in conflict situations 
  • Mastering schoolyard situations 
  • walk to school safely every day

What we do

In the “Strong Kids” course, children learn where their boundaries are and how to intervene before they cross them. They understand that it is their responsibility to act if they feel unwell. I show children how to deal with everyday conflicts and how to prevent sexual abuse and bullying in a playful way.

They also learn:

  • to value oneself
  • to say NO and STOP and also to my
  • End situations
  • not to go with strangers

I studied education and have been working with children for over 25 years. In my many years of experience as an empowerment trainer and instructor, I bring people into their power. With the “Strong Kids” training, I was able to strengthen children and educators in numerous daycare centers to protect them from (sexual) violence.

If you are interested in a course, please contact me here:

Here is a little insight, into my Strong Kids courses

Online parent consultation

We meet regularly on Zoom and discuss topics that are on your mind, such as
– How do I protect my child from bullying?
– How can I best support my child in not becoming a follower?
– How do I make it strong against (sexual) assault?
I will ask you about topics that interest you before each consultation. If nothing comes from your side, I will give you a topic that fits the issues mentioned, give a presentation on it and you can ask questions.
  • Cost: 10€
  • Duration: 1h

No previous experience necessary. Get in touch if you want to be there.